"Purely Roses’ service is nothing short of spectacular! I am gluten/dairy/peanut/tree-nut free and have other dietary restrictions due to several illnesses. Rose goes above and beyond to accommodate my health needs. Her #1 priority is to provide a loving, nutrient-dense, hearty meal that’s tailored to you and your needs. The food is prepared with love and is guiding me towards healing. Not to mention...the meals are bursting with flavor! She really takes the time to not only accommodate your needs/restrictions, but is creative and thoughtful with the way each meal is prepared."

-Erica F.

"I ordered the three meal special last week and it was really really awesome.  The tofu was great. The jasmine rice and collard greens fresh and tasty.  The potato leek soup was just out of this world with a tiny touch of rosemary that gave it a real bite. I will be ordering soon and I thank you Rose for your amazing food."

-Mike Zeigler 

"I am both gluten intolerant and a vegetarian and it often poses an awkward situation when invited to a dinner party. Creating delicious vegetarian, gluten free dishes aren’t so easily considered to the average person. So, I was thrilled and delighted to attend a dinner party catered by Purely Rose where the food not only adhered to my dietary restrictions but tasted as wonderful as it looked! The presentation of of the dishes were the sort of thing you would only find in four and five start restaurants, where each plate was a visual feast for the eyes as well as carefully considered! I would, without question, highly recommend Purely Rose for any catering and private meal services…whether or not you were a vegetarian or had to be gluten free! You won’t even miss the meat or the gluten!!"

-Stacy Mar


"I had the pleasure of attending a private dinner catered by Purely Rose recently.  The chef's food was delicious in both taste and appearance.  It was hard to believe the entire meal was completely vegan and gluten free. I'm definitely hiring Purely Rose for my next dinner party."
-Kathleen Conkey


"The meal was so exquisite!!
Seamlessly prepared....so delicious.... And the presentation exquisite !!
We had so much fun Rose!! And Lily the fantastic sous chef... On point with every detail!!"

-Catherine Krebs

"This was my first full vegan meal. I must confess I did not miss the meat nor dairy. Amazing how Rose and Lily created a first class dinner. From the first course to the last I remained interested. Very delicious! Thank you."

-Erika B.

 "I am not a vegan but I was very impressed by the display, the food arrangement, and overall the taste of  the dinner. I never thought that I would be eating vegan food, but I did, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Rose made delicious and healthy vegan food,and with Lily,her sister, they brought grace, class and style to the evening. A beautiful display of deliciously prepared vegan food.The dessert was mouth watering!  Rose is very talented, a great vegan chef in the making. She has a gift to artistically bring to the table the vegans wonder of nature while enjoying what she does. A round of applause to a very special vegan chef in the making!"

-Grace K.

"As a dedicated carnivore, I was both excited and trepidatious to try Vegan, Gluten Free cuisine. Rose and Sous Chef, Lily, completely exceeded my expectations. They arrived on time and ready to work, they worked quickly, quietly and efficiently.  Just a bit before the official start of the party, Rose was ready with some pre-party plates, so we were able to taste before guests arrived.  Each tray was a work of art, absolutely stunning with edible flowers casually strewn about the plates as if they had drifted down from above.  I cannot even begin to explain the exquisite tastes! Several guests asked if I was sure there was no crab in the crab-less cakes, the taste was that spot-on. Each of the four appetizers prepared was better than the last, I couldn’t wait for the server to make another pass (and she worked quickly), and eagerly anticipated each tray, I was never disappointed.  Even upon 2nd, 3rd and 4th bite of the same appetizer, the consistent flavors and textures never failed to impress.  The last tray was as gorgeous as the first.  Rose and Lily did an excellent clean-up and (lucky us!) left some goodies behind.  I cannot wait to experience Rose’s food again.  With food this good, who needs meat?"

-June M.

"I am an avid meat eater and my son is now a vegetarian. I was told Rose and Lily make great vegan food so I decided to hire them to cook for a Monday night football party. Well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! The food was delicious. They made a pulled jackfruit that was better than any pulled pork I have ever eaten. They also made an amazing cauliflower with buffalo sauce and a non-dairy blue cheese!! It was delicious. To top it off they also made a delightful spinach pasta alfredo that was out of this world. I thought vegan food would be bland and boring but I have to say it was really really good. Lily and Rose showed up on time and the food was hot and presented so elegantly. They are great people and provided great food and service. You should hire them for all your parties!!!!"

-Kevin B.

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